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Online mixing, mastering and production services

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    Online mixing, mastering and production services

    About Me

    I have three decades of experience as a professional sound engineer, working with big name artists all over the world. I began my career working on Massive Attack’s seminal trip hop album ‘Blue Lines’, and later I spent four years at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios where I became head engineer. I left Real World to work with Bjork on her album ‘Homogenic’ and since then my career has taken me around the world working with numerous artists and organisations including Afrika Bambaataa, Alexander McQueen, the BBC, Brian Eno, Bristol Old Vic Theatre, Hector Zazou, James, Jamiroquai, John McLaughlin, Krust, King Crimson, Marc Almond, Mekon, Neneh Cherry, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Paco de Lucia, Schwein, Steve Jansen, Tricky and Yukihiro Takahashi.

    What I offer


    Mastering and stem mastering

    Full range of other music production services

    I have spent years learning and honing my craft, first in the analogue world and then in the digital domain. I have a natural ear for definition in sound, which I have built into a solid set of proven skills, and you can be confident that a highly experienced professional is working on your music to make it the best it can be. I will treat your sounds with respect, enhancing them and bringing out detail: hear the difference for yourself on some of my previous work. I won’t over-process, as many in the post-production field seem to. There is a tendency these days to heavily process mixes, as if the mix was some sort of demo – to add loads of EQ and limit and compress very heavily. Mixes mastered like this end up with a large amount of distortion and are very tiring to the ear, especially when played back on large PA systems, which contributes to hearing loss. Distortion is more the enemy than high volume.

    You can upload your files now, look at my prices, or contact me to discuss your project.

    Types of audio I can work on

    My experience and wide ranging skills mean I can take on any project, whether it’s dubstep, breaks and EDM or concert hall recordings; raw acoustic guitars or raging party sounds; backing tracks for live shows; audio for websites or broadcast… any type of sound. If you’d like to talk through what you need, please get in touch.