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    Online mixing, mastering and music production


    If you’ve got a song or tracks that need a top-quality mix, send what you’ve recorded to me and I’ll provide a release-ready stereo file. You’ll be able to check you’re happy with my work before you pay.

    What is mixing?

    Mixing is the process of bringing together a number of separately recorded tracks - for example, vocal, guitar, bass and drums - to create a full song or recording that sounds professional and ready for release.

    How does the online mixing service work?

    Step 1: You upload your audio files using my secure system.

    Step 2: After mixing is complete, I send a two-minute segment of mixed audio for approval. If you want changes made, you can request them, and I’ll send you an updated segment.

    Step 3: Once you are happy with the result, I send you a PayPal payment request.

    Step 4: After payment, I’ll send you the full mix(es).

    In what formats should you send files for mixing?

    You can either send a Logic Audio project file or separate audio tracks.

    All files should ideally be 24 bit 44.1k wav or aiff, but 16 bit is also acceptable.

    For more details see How to prepare files for upload

    How long does online mixing take?

    The final mix will usually be available within four days from when you upload the original files to be mixed, often faster and sometimes even on the same day.

    What you will get

    Before you receive the final mix I will send you a section of it for approval. Once approved and paid, I will send you links to download both full resolution (Wav or AIFF) and MP3 versions of the final mix.

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